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Software Engineer | Data Science Enthusiast
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I have graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. Last 15 years I worked in several IT enabled organizations and research projects in Japan (5 years) and Bangladesh (10 years). System design, Software engineering, Machine Learning and Data analysis are my fields of interest.

Domain experiences: #SNS, #Healthcare, #FinTech, #Agriculture, #Renewable energy, #E-Commerce.
Expertise: System design, Full stack development, Data analysis and visualization
Key Technologies: Python, Java, JavaScript, React, DynamoDB, MySql, Sqlite, PostGres, AWS services
Certification: Getting started with AWS Machine Learning

Career and Education Detail:


Fukuoka, Japan
Period: Present
Department: Development | Senior Software Engineer


  • Analysis, Design and Development of SNS based SaaS system
  • Lead to development and management NLP based intelligent translation system
  • Manage ETL process of SNS data (+1 million records) and analyses for business decision making.
  • Analyze service delivery and/or internal processes and recommend to improvements
  • Reconcile business requiremetns and development of system architecture for cross platform SNS communication system
  • R&D new technologies and develop prototypes
  • Lead to small team

  • Technology used: Python, React, Serverless, AWS services like ECS Fargate, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, Athena, QuickSight and Docker.

    Workflow: Agile

    Achievement: Idea generate and prototype development of cross platform translated chat systems


    Hotto Link
    Tokyo, Japan
    Period: 2018 April to 2019 March
    Department: Development (SNS Advertisment and Analytics) | Role: Software Engineer


  • Design and development of SNS based marketing application platform and, Analytics tools API
  • Design and develop analytics dashboard for visualization
  • System specification development, implementation, hands on coding and reviews
  • System implementation action plan and preparation of reports

  • Tools & Technology: Python, Serverless, AWS (ECS Fargate, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3), React.js, Swagger, Docker.

    Workflow: Agile

    Achievement: API design and development of SNS based advertisement application for promotional campaign of Japan market.


    Kizuna Japan
    Fukuoka, Japan
    Period: 2017 February to 2018 March
    Department: Development | Role: Software Engineer


  • Design and development of HRM and Payroll application and API for FinTech company
  • Back-End development
  • Development of system specification and architecture
  • Team Supervision

  • Tools & Technology: PHP (Symfony), PgSql, Excel, Redmine, Git.

    Achievement: Server side application development and API design for payroll application named Daim.


    Kyushu University
    Fukuoka, Japan
    Period: 2016 May to 2017 February
    Department: Social Technology Lab for Social problem research | Role: Technical Research Staff


  • Design and development of Big Data analytics API
  • Data analysis of Healthcare Big Data
  • Prototyping application, specification development
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Project planning, scheduling, cost and budgeting
  • Project operation followup
  • Research survey followup
  • Mentoring graduates student

  • Tools & Technology: R, Python, Java, Android, MySql, DynamoDB, IVR, Excel

  • Author and co-author of 4 (four) research papers based on Healthcare data
  • Healthcare based prototype application design and development for unreached people named GramHealth

  • Publication:
    1. Mehdi Hasan, Jason Wang, Iqbal Hossain, Rafiqul Islam, and Ashir Ahmed (2017): Errors in Remote HealthCare Data and a Suitable Algorithm to Detect Them: A Case Study of Portable Health Clinic, Bangladesh, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Healthcare, SDGs and Social Business, pp. 17-18, February 21, Tokyo, Japan

    2. Iqbal Hossain, Khan Tanvir Rahman, ANM Masuqur Rahman, Ashir Ahmed, “Concept of an efficient medication alert system for aging communities in developing countries“. Social Business Academia Paris, France, 2016. PDF

    3. Jason Wang, Iqbal Hossain, Ashir Ahmed, “Improve the efficiency of remote healthcare system by detecting human input errors: A case study of portable health clinic system in Bangladesh”. Proceedings of the IEEE CPSNA2016 (Poster session) Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, October 5-6, 2016.

    4. Md. Tanvir Rahman Khan, Iqbal Hossain, Jecinta Wairimu Kamau, Kazi Mozaher Hossein, Ashir Ahmed, “Visualization of Remote Healthcare data“. Nagoya UniversityProceedings of the IEEE CPSNA2016 (Poster session), Nagoya, Japan, October 6-7., 2016.

    2013 - 2015

    Work: Design and development of application, programming, specification development etc.
    Technology used: Java (Spring), PHP, Android, MySql, DynamoDB etc.


    1. Medical Record Management System: OpenMRS
    2. ERP solution: nERP
    3. DGDA, Android app: Porikkha and Android app: iCatalog
    4. Android app: BanglaTalk
    5. Android app: eReceipt

    Certification: Completed Project Management Professional training course from Bangladesh.
    Study scope: PMP preparation, Project initiating, planning, execution, control and closing. Image

    2010 - 2013

    Joint research project of JICA, Kyushu University and Grameen Communications
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Period: 2010 September to 2013 March
    Department: Development | Role: Technical Project Manager


  • Project planning and coordination of tasks
  • Design and development of agriculture based application integrated with e-commerce portal
  • Coordinate technical meetings, team managment etc.
  • Cross-Functional Supervision

  • Technology used: PHP, MySql, Android, Asterisk, IVR.

    Achievement: E-Agriculture platform implementation for unreached people who lived in village and have no proper access of internet and correct information.

    2007 - 2010

    Joint research project of Kyushu University and Grameen Communications
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Period: 2007 December to 2010 August
    Department: GCC | Role: Project engineer

    Work: Design and development of web portal, documentation, stakeholder communication.
    Tools & Technology: PHP, MySql


    1. Development of web portal for 85000 villages (GramWeb) in Bangladesh for unreached people who lived in rural areas and have no good access of informaiton.
    2. Development of web portal for Solar data research of NTT (Japan) in Bangladesh.

    2004 - 2007

    The Acme Laboratories Ltd.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Period: 2004 August to 2007 November
    Department: System Support| Role: System Engineer

    Work: Help desk, System support, Oracle server maintenance


    Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from World University of Bangladesh.

    Area of Study: Theory and hands-on study of computer and its functions and operations, computer network and operations, software development and algorithm, machine learning, math etc.

    Project accomplishment: Design & Development of Online Examination System : In Perspective of ACM Live Selection PDF

    Diploma Engineering degree in Electronics Engineering from Dhaka Poloytechnic Institute, Bangladesh.

    Area of Study: Theory and hands-on study of electronics and electrical periferals and its operation, circuit design and implication, electrical signals and its usage and operations, computer programming, math etc.

    Test and Prototype Project:

    Research Topic: